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In the morning walks in the graphic streets which are flooded with the color of bougainvillea. In the night, breath full of the smell of night flowers, delicious dishes of traditional cuisine, tables on the street. In bars lively music and impressive décor. This is Tolo. When the city lights come on, in Tolo alleys, taverns and bars his promise to give you a magical night. So enjoy the magnificent beauty and the many and varied options for entertainment offered to dine or entertain wherever you prefer.

At a distance of 8 km from Tolo, is the beautiful city of Nafplion. The history of the place telling the castles with the first Akronafplia, the oldest fortified place. Most of all the local history witnessed by 999 steps of Palamidi, eight bastions Venetian complex which was considered impregnable and is well known most of people from Kolokotronis prison in the bowels of the castle. Bourtzi Venetian complex is just 450 meters from the pier of Nafplion and is accessible from the harbor with small boats. In addition enjoy your coffee in quaint cafes of Syntagma Square and great food in the streets of the Old Town of Nafplion.


Just half an hour from Tolo is the archaeological site of Mycenae, which includes archaeological findings proving the existence of one of the most important centers of trade, economy and administration. The famous archaeological place hosts a series of constructions that impress with their size and elegance. The catacomb of Agamemnon, the Lion Gate, the tomb of Clytemnestra, the Mycenaean acropolis and palace of the Atreides are some of the most famous finds from the area.

Theater Epidaurus

The amphitheatrical fascination of Epidaurus, which is 25 km from Tolo, nestled between two natural peninsulas leaving the visitor speechless with the beauty of the landscape. The ancient theater dedicated to the god Dionysus is the most famous archaeological pride. During the summer the theater opens its doors to hosting unique performances available to the public.

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